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i24BT is a self-propelled unit, designed specifically for professionals. Ideal for retail, supermarkets and professional cleaning. Clear and easy control panel with self-explanatory symbols. The i24BT is yet another cost-effective revolution to roll off ICE’s conveyer belt. It is a more compact machine, with the capabilities and durability to work along-side our lager models.

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Technical Specifications


Model typeEUi24BT
Cleaning Pathcm61
Number of brushespcs2
Brush rotation speedrpm285
Brush motorV/Watt24V/680W
Brush pressurekg30-45
Solution Tanklitres60
Recovery Tanklitres65
Cable lengthmetresN/A
Type batteries NAstandardAGM
Sound LeveldBA68
Weight with batterieskg165
Run time per chargehours3
Cleaning Productivitym2/hour2,600
Sizes LxWxHcm135 x 78 x 109
Chemical dosing systemN/A


Cleaning Width

Type batteries

Operating Hours

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