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For a large facility with a few tight spots, the i28BT is your solution. The i28BT is a fully automated walk-behind scrubber with a 100-liter solution
capacity and an electrical actuator for pad pressure up to 54 kg. The 70 cm cleaning width allows for spotless floors, even in narrow areas.

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Technical Specifications


Model typeEUi28BT
Cleaning Pathcm71
Number of brushespcs2
Brush rotation speedrpm210
Brush motorV/Watt2x 24V/550W
Brush pressurekg18-36-54
Solution Tankliters100
Recovery Tankliters120
BatteriesV/Ah4x 6V/220Ah
Type batteries NAstandardAGM
Sound LeveldBA68
Weight without batterieskg160
Weight with batterieskg300
Run time per chargehour3.5 – 4
Cleaning Productivitym2/hour3,000
Sizes LxWxHcm155×119.5×113
Chemical dosing systemN/A


Cleaning Width

Operating Hours

Type batteries

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