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Why walk when you can ride and make cleaning more enjoyable. The impressive innovative RS24 has the size not bigger than a regular walk-behind scrubber. The stearing-system is unique, therefore the RS24 has a short turning radius. The scrub deck is positioned at the front of the machine and has a width of 60 cm with two brushes or pads. Real-time and daily reports from data such as: location, operating- and charging time and cleaned surface.

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Technical Specifications


Model TypeEURS24
Cleaning Pathcm61
Number of Brushespcs2
Brush Rotation Speedrpm285
Brush MotorV/Watt24V/550W
Brush Pressurekg23
Solution Tanklitres55
Recovery Tanklitres60
Cable LengthmetresN/A
Battery Type NAstandardLi-ion
Sound LeveldBA68
Weight with Batterieskg180
Run Time per Chargehours1.5
Cleaning Productivitym2/hour2,800
Sizes LxWxHcm114 x 65 x 115
Chemical Dosing Systemstandard


Cleaning Width

Type batteries

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