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You can also rent a new RS32L+  € 539, – 36 months contract! 

Designed for heavy duty work. The RS32L+ i-Synergy rider auto scrubber is fully automated with a one-button programmable switch for training-free operation, and a three-setting pad pressure of up to 75 kg allows for maximum cleaning efficiency.  Its digitized (1% to 5%) solution mixing system makes solution composition change simple. The standard i-Synergy system provides data driven cleaning for 100% cost and calculation clarity.

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Technical Specifications


Model typeEURS32L+
Cleaning Pathcm81
Number of brushespcs2
Brush rotation speedrpm210
Brush motorV/Watt24V/2x 450W
Brush pressurekg35-55-75
Solution Tankliters105
Recovery Tankliters108
Type batteries NAstandardLi-ion
Sound LeveldBA68
Weight with batterieskg449,5
Run time per chargehours3.5 – 4
Cleaning Productivitym2/hour5,200
Sizes LxWxHcm157.5 x 88 x 141
Chemical dosing systemstandard


Cleaning Width

Operating Hours

Type batteries

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